Klugmann Advisors was started with only $1.5 million dollars assets under management. Over the recession our clients saw an average 7% increase in their portfolios as a
result of our hedging and our private equity deals. In late 2009 our founder and CEO decided to step down as active managing member and chief investment officer and passed it along to a colleague whom worked at Klugmann Advisors along our four and a half-year venture. The new fund manager has done a wonderful job taking over Klugmann Advisors; and not one client has left during the transition. In March of 2012 our CEO re-joined Klugmann Advisors to focus on both early stage and late stage private equity opportunities on behalf of our high net worth clients. Today, Klugmann Advisors manages multi-million dollar portfolios for clients across all geographies. Although we only manage a relatively modest amount of capital, we have secured one off deals far exceeding our assets under management.


We take a macro and micro-picture look into movement, rules and dominances influencing markets worldwide. We highlight the world’s rapidly growing economies: The BRIC nations The worldwide economy is progressing precipitously faster on a measure that Revolution Capital Markets has ever seen previously. There are for the first time, families producing sufficient wealth to become a consumer thus entering into the international consumer marketplace. By formulating purchase assessments on metrics other than cost, now becoming a vital part of the global economy. We look outside customary measurements to recognize enterprises that can persist in the face of an ever evolving world. Respectively, each of our divisions has a distinctive emphasis, objective, and perspective, investing types, therefore it is not uncommon for each entity to have a diverse outlook on parallel subjects. We deliver intelligence and solutions to benefit institutions and corporations worldwide with intermediary & advisory services.


  • Our global organizational structure permits us to enhance and assist the tactical backing requirements of our clients throughout all different industries and sectors.
  • As an advisory and intermediary firm we incorporate best-in-class techniques to ensure we deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. This structure
  • allows for us to offer a wide spectrum of solutions and advisory consulting services, broadening our capability to produce the best possible solutions to our
  • clients.